Why a Passion Isn't Enough
And what you can do to stand out

Having a passion – or even a talent – without a plan isn’t enough to land clients. Even the best photography requires a marketing plan to get noticed, a pricing plan to be bought, and a timeline to be delivered on.

A high-performing website is a critical part of that plan.

High-Performing Websites

High-performing websites are more than just pretty pictures and a sleek design. They are designed in a way that optimizes the path that a customer takes to make a buying decision on your website. Whether that buying decision is to book a demo or enter your card, I see beautifully designed – but poorly performing websites – all the time.

With most photographers, a large part of your brand lives on Instagram or other social media sites. You can take advantage of this by assuming that if somebody comes to your website from Instagram, it’s because they already like your work.

With this knowledge, you can design the customer’s journey to maximize conversion.

A few of the most common ways to do this are:

  • A prominent call-to-action as soon as they hit your website
  • Answers to FAQs zero clicks away
  • A very simple and easy way for them to ask questions

Mapping out the customer’s journey is just one of the many important pieces when it comes to designing a high-performing website, and why it’s one of the main focuses in the early stages of designing my client’s websites.

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